Key Account Sales Call Planning


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These 5 e-learning videos lasting over just over 38 minutes deal with Key Account Sales Call Planning.

  • Sales Call Planning Worksheet
  • Improving Sales with the “Sales Cycle”
  • Setting Sales Call Goals
  • The 5-Minute Call Pre-Brief
  • The 5-Minute Call De-Brief

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This is the second course in the Key Account Series. These e-learning videos give a really solid basis to the sophisticated skills needed to succeed as a Key Account sales person. We can learn a lot from the Americans when it comes to sales, and this gives a good perspective and will provide a solid grounding for Key Account Managers.

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Course Objectives

Sales Call Planning Worksheet 

Successful key account sales means executing a series of successful sales calls over time on multiple buyer roles. This e-learning module introduces the Sales Call Worksheet, which is designed to help you identify a call goal and develop content for sales calls. The worksheet is a general purpose planning tool that can be used for every call you make. Its use is also a requirement for all the modules in this Call Planning section.

Improving Sales with the “Sales Cycle”

The Key Account sales cycle is often long and complex, with many intermediate steps between identifying a prospect and developing a long-term relationship. This very important e-learning module introduces the concept of a sales cycle, which is a critical in understanding what needs to be done to move a key account forward in the sales relationship and in also understanding overall sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Setting Sales Call Goals 

The only way to keep a Key Account sale moving forward is to have a specific goal for each sales call. This e-learning module discusses the three kinds of goals, and why only one of them is the kind of goal you should set. The program also introduces the idea of “today” goals versus “tomorrow” goals, and how you can set up future sales calls in the current one.

The 5-Minute Call Pre-Brief

There a few short questions you can ask yourself (or your manager can ask) that will help you make sure you are on target for an upcoming sales call. This e-learning module explains a quick pre-brief process you need to do before every Key Account call to keep you focused on making successful sales calls.

The 5-Minute Call De-Brief

There needs to be “continuous improvement” in every process … even with experienced Key Account salespeople. This e-learning module explains a quick de-brief you (or you and your manager) need to conduct after every Key Account sales call—one that will help you identify areas for improvement for your upcoming calls.

Next Steps

If you have enjoyed these e-learning videos and are keen to be a better Key Account Sales person, you should move onto these e-learning videos: Key Account Sales Call Techniques and Advanced Key Account Selling.


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