Hidden Dyslexia for Parents (Canada)


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Based on the popular CPD Bytes online course for teachers,  Hidden Dyslexia (Underachievement and behavioural difficulties in school) this course has been developed for parents who want to find out about dyslexia and its possible impact on children’s learning and behaviour.

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Product Description

Course aims – to:

  •  consider reasons why all dyslexia is not identified at school
  •  explore issues arising from manifestations of ‘hidden’ dyslexia in the classroom
  •  identify coping and avoidance strategies widely used by dyslexic learners
  •  investigate reasons why dyslexia is often misidentified by teachers (and others) as something else
  • explore how dyslexia may adversely affect learning

Course Objectives:

Participants will become aware of:

  •  reasons why some dyslexia is hidden
  •  misidentification of dyslexia as behavioural difficulties
  •  links between dyslexia and underachievement
  •  how dyslexia affects learning
  •  barriers to learning for dyslexic learners
  •  classroom management issues

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