Health & Social Care Dementia Pathway


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This e-learning course is intended for learners who are actively working in the adult social care sector. It provides a wealth of information about a wide range of subjects and will enable learners to develop their skills and knowledge and apply them directly to their work.

The course is divided into sixteen units, the first nine of which address the learning outcomes of the mandatory units of the Health and Social Care Diploma at Level 2. The remaining units cover the required elements for the Dementia Pathway.

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The online materials include quizzes and activities to help reinforce learning as students work through the course.

Workbooks accompany the units – these can be printed off and filled in by hand or completed on-screen. The questions and exercises contained in each one enable learners to apply their knowledge to their work and / or provide evidence that the assessment criteria required to achieve the qualification have been covered.

Topics covered include:

  • Effective communication in health and social care settings
  • An introduction to personal development
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Duty of care and how to respond to complaints
  • Principles of safeguarding and protection
  • The role of the health and social care worker
  • Using person-centred approaches
  • Contributing to health and safety at work
  • Handling information and key legislation
  • The causes and spread of infection
  • Person-centred assessment planning, implementation and review
  • Dementia awareness – what it is, its symptoms, effects and causes
  • The person-centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice
  • Understanding and enabling interaction and communication with individuals with dementia
  • Enabling rights and choices for individuals with dementia

Price is per online user of this course, excluding VAT.

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