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Over 12% of Europeans speak German as a first or second language. So, if you can’t find an English speaker on holiday in Europe, you could still communicate in German. Germany is the largest economy in the European Union, meaning German’s useful for business opportunities.

You can learn to improve your German vocabulary and pronunciation with these online courses. You will also get to recognise and understand lots of written words, and listen to native German speakers to improve your accent.

This bundle includes both Beginner and Beginner Plus courses

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These courses engages both sides of your brain by using sight and sound as you’re learning words, and improving your memory. The goals are broken down into a series of rewarding challenges. As you play interactive games, you will learn new words and see pictures to reinforce your memory. You can test your knowledge with quizzes. You’ll hear German being spoken all the time. And using the recording games, you can start speaking German right away, and compare your voice to a native German speaker.

With these courses, you’ll soon be able to:

  • Pronounce the alphabet
  • Use basic conversational phrases whilst you’re at the hotel, talking on the phone, at a restaurant or out shopping
  • Use structures that can be adapted to fit different situations and put together complete sentences
  • Describe food, colours, shopping, parts of the body, numbers, telling the time and countries
  • Describe an emergency
  • Use greetings and essential phrases
  • Order food and drink
  • Ask for directions
  • Build your confidence in speaking
  • Develop a wide vocabulary

You can change the course help and support to your own language. Choose from over 100 “help” languages so you can practise your German pronunciation easily and speak German with confidence.

Completing the course

These courses are not formally assessed, but there are many exercises and quizzes that you can do as often as you like to practise your language skills and test your knowledge. The course isn’t linked to a qualification, but you’ll get a statement of completion when you’ve achieved a certain score in your exercises and quizzes.

Course Access

The online courses are available for 12 months from the date first accessed. How long it takes for you to learn is really down to you.

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