Fundamentals of PHP for Beginners


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PHP is an open source (free) scripting language that allows you to create dynamic websites and work with servers. PHP is now used on over 20 million websites and over 1 million servers worldwide.

Do you want to be a web developer? Do you need to brush up on your PHP skills? Then this is the right course for you!

You will learn everything about the basics of PHP programming using real world examples. Source codes are included for each lesson so you can learn by deconstructing each element.

The course is designed for complete beginners.

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Course Overview

The course covers the following:

Introduction to the Course

  • Preview Introduction to the Course (0:37)
  • Preview What Is PHP? (17:13)
  • Preview What Is PHP Used For? (8:48)

Getting Started with PHP Programming

  • Start Setting up a Web Server (7:50)
  • Start Commenting Code (3:37)
  • Start Echo/Print (5:20)
  • Start Outputting to a Page (9:58)
  • Preview Arithmetic Operators (6:37)
  • Preview Variables (7:25)
  • Preview If Statements (7:54)
  • Preview Comparison Operators (8:44)
  • Start Triple Equals (4:44)
  • Start Logical Operators (9:27)
  • Start Switch Statement (8:10)
  • Start Basic Arrays (8:52)
  • Start Multi-dimensional Arrays (7:11)
  • Start While Loop (5:55)
  • Start Do While Loop (4:30)
  • Start For Loops (5:03)
  • Start Foreach (6:37)
  • Start Functions (8:24)
  • Start $_GET (12:59)
  • Start $_POST (7:51)
  • Start Embedding PHP within HTML
  • Start A better way to display HTML
  • Start Arrays Part 1
  • Start Arrays Part 2
  • Start Cookies Part 1
  • Start Cookies Part 2
  • Start Checkboxes
  • Start Radio Buttons

Exploring PHP Functions

  • Start PHP Functions You Should Know Part 1
  • Start PHP Functions You Should Know Part 2
  • Start PHP Functions You Should Know Part 3
  • Start String Functions Part 1
  • Start String Functions Part 2
  • Start Date and Time Part 1
  • Start Date and Time Part 2

Creating Dynamic Web Pages with PHP

  • Start Part 1
  • Start Part 2
  • Start Part 3

PHP Object Oriented Programming

  • Start Classes, Methods and Properties
  • Start Encapsulation
  • Start Constructor Method
  • Start Protecting Methods_Properties
  • Start Extending a Class (Inheritance)
  • Start Scope Resolution Operators
  • Start Class Constants
  • Start Static Properties and Methods

PHP Object Oriented Programming Projects

  • Start Calculator Application Example
  • Start MySQL Database Example Part 1
  • Start MySQL Database Example Part 2
  • Start MySQL Database Example Part 3
  • Common PHP Errors You Will Encounter

Start PHP Error Reporting

  • Start Changing Maximum File Upload Size
  • Start Access Denied
  • Start Undefined Index
  • Start Cannot Modify Header Information
  • Start Supplied Argument Not a Valid MySQL Result
  • Start Unexpected $end

PHP Security

  • Start File Includes
  • Start File Uploading
  • Start Null Byte
  • Start Passing Variables
  • Start Session Hijacking
  • Start Cookies
  • Start SQL Injection
  • Start XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

Intermediate and Advanced PHP Programming

  • Start Sessions
  • Start Using Single or Double Quotes
  • Start Indenting Code
  • Start Anonymous Functions
  • Start Callbacks
  • Start Ternary Operator
  • Start Browser Identification
  • Start Self Submitting Forms
  • Start Include and Require
  • Start Quickly Return True_False
  • Start Tree Structures
  • Start Explode – String to Array
  • Start Implode – Array to String
  • Start Array Dereferencing
  • Start Creating Images with PHP


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