Fundamentals of Javascript


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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because it’s easy to learn, and it can do amazing things. If you’re interested in web development, it’s also a language that you simply must learn to be effective.

This course is aimed at complete beginners, but is great for those who need a brush up on their JavaScript skills.

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Course Overview

This course is aimed at complete beginners, but is great for those who need a brush up on their JavaScript skills.

You will learn the very basics of JavaScript programming, then move on to more complex programming skills. Along the way, you’ll have projects to create using the skills you’ve learned in this course.

Source codes are included in the course materials.

Class Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to JavaScript

  • Preview Introduction to JavaScript
  • Preview Script Tags
  • Preview Boxes
  • Preview Console
  • Start Variables
  • Preview Undefined, typeof, NaN
  • Start Concatination
  • Start Comparison Operators
  • Start Logical Operators
  • Start Mathematical Operators
  • Start Commenting

Module 2 – Intermediate JavaScript

  • Start Arrays
  • Start Array Prototype
  • Start Looping Over Arrays
  • Start Introduction to Objects
  • Start Creating an Object
  • Start Dates and Times
  • Start Intervals
  • Start Countdown: Example Application
  • Start Callbacks
  • Start Callback in Countdown

Module 3 – Working with JavaScript Elements

  • Start DOM Elements
  • Start Query Selector
  • Start Event Handlers
  • Start Input Fields
  • Start Creating Elements
  • Start Styling Elements

Module 4 – Bonus JavaScript Tips

  • Start Linting
  • Start Minification


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