Food Allergies and Intolerance 2014


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Food Safety Regulatory Change

New European legislation, called the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC), became law in the UK on 13th December 2014.

This new regulation changes the way allergen information should appear on labels and on food that is pre‑packed, sold loose or served. The EU FIC brings general and nutrition labelling together into a single regulation to simplify and consolidate existing labelling legislation. These changes impact all businesses involved in food manufacturing but also impact every retail, sandwich bar, café, canteen and restaurant that sells wrapped and unwrapped food.

This course is for anyone involved in the preparation, serving or managing of food. This course provides an understanding of food allergies and intolerances.  It also provides an overview of the relevant precautions that should be taken.

Who should complete this course?

  • Managers of food services.
  • Food safety policy managers.
  • All back of house and front of house personnel who prepare or serve food to the public (restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets)
  • All food handlers in food retailers(bakery, deli, fish and butcher counters)
  • All food handlers in businesses that prepare wrapped food items (sandwich shops, mobile catering, canteen and cafes)

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It is estimated that one in three of the UK population will suffer from allergies at some time in their lives. Whilst most allergic reactions are merely unpleasant, the Food Standards Agency estimates that there are between five and fifteen fatalities every year in the UK associated with food allergies.  This course describes the symptoms and causes of food allergies and intolerance and measures to be taken when preparing or serving food to the public.

This 30 minute course meets the requirement to educate and inform employees and associates in regard to the law and recommended practices.

Key topics:

  • Understanding the risk associated with food allergies and intolerance.
  • Forms of food allergies.
  • Forms of food intolerance.
  • Front of house responsibilities.
  • Deliveries and recipe integrity.
  • Back of house responsibilities.
  • Food labelling.
  • Labelling of packaged and non-packaged food.
  • Action to be taken should someone have a severe allergic reaction.

There is an online assessment for this course which requires an 90% pass rate to obtain a certificate of achievement, which can be downloaded.

This course is certified by TQA Ltd.  TQA is an independent training quality assurance company that assesses the quality of content and its compliance to the standard that governs the topic.  TQA requires that ever learner completes an assessment to confirm that the learner’s knowledge of the subject meets the criteria for competence.


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