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Improving Individual Performance


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This course contains modules on Career Planning, Coaching and Mentoring, Disengaging, Monitoring and Appraising Performance, Recruiting, Setting Standards, Succession Planning and Training and Developing.

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Course Overview

This course contains the following 8 modules on the following:

Career Planning: This module considers how career planning contributes to performance management and the methods that companies can use to help people determine their career paths. Coaching and Mentoring: Coaching and Mentoring are techniques used for developing people in organisations. This topic looks at the techniques and skills that coaches and mentors use. Disengaging: This topic considers why people leave organisations and how holding exit interviews can give valuable information to management.
Monitoring and Appraising Performance: This module looks at the various ways of monitoring and appraising performance and how the information can be used to improve individual performance.
Recruiting: This module covers the recruitment process. You’ll find out more about the different methods of recruiting as well as looking at the selection interview that can help you employ people with the skills and attitudes you need.
Setting Standards: Setting Standards covers setting appropriate performance standards for individuals and teams. The module follows the experiences of Katie Marlow, who has recently been appointed as a branch manager of Gemini Stores.
Succession Planning: This module considers how succession planning contributes to performance management and the methods companies can use.
Training and Developing: This module shows how training and developing your team gives you confident, motivated people to help you achieve your objectives.

Course Objectives

Career Planning:

  • Understand the importance of career planning
  • Understand the best approach to career planning
  • Know where to go for help
  • Know whose responsibility career planning is

Coaching and Mentoring:

  • Know what coaching is
  • Know what mentoring is
  • Know when to use coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the coaching process
  • Understand the mentoring process
  • Be able to check the learning style and preferences of the learner
  • Be able to create a development plan
  • Know how to carry out then evaluate a coaching session
  • Know how to carry out then evaluate a mentoring session


  • Understand why people leave
  • Know what to do after they have gone
  • Know how to conduct an exit interview

Monitoring and Appraising Performance:

  • Understand why monitoring and appraising performance is important
  • Know who should be involved
  • Know the various methods of monitoring and appraising performance
  • Know how the information can be used


  • Know the process of how to conduct a selection interview
  • Know what to prepare
  • Be able to perform an interview
  • Know what questions to ask
  • Be able to assess the candidates
  • Be confident to select the correct candidate for the position

Setting Standards:

  • Know what standards are
  • Understand why you need to set standards
  • Know different ways of setting standards
  • Understand who should be involved
  • Know how and why to involve your team

Succession Planning:

  • Understand what succession planning is
  • Know the importance of succession planning
  • Know how to prepare a list of successors

Training and Developing:

  • Understand what training is
  • Understand what development is
  • Know the sequence of events in the Training Cycle
  • Be able to identify the training and development needs of your team
  • Know the four different learning styles
  • Be able to provide motivation and encouragement


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