Effective Interpersonal Skills


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Assertiveness is an important interpersonal skill for everyone and an essential skill for every one that leads teams or groups of people.  This course examines different personality styles and how to use techniques to handle interactions with aggressive and passive aggressive behaviour.

Who should complete this course?

  • Directors
  • Managers & Team Leaders
  • Team Members

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Course Overview

This course looks at human behaviour in respect to developing interpersonal skills in order to better communicate and lead others.  People with strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. They are perceived as more calm, confident and charismatic, all of which are qualities that are often endearing or appealing to others. A critical interpersonal skill when managing or leading others is the ability to be assertive.  This course will teach you how to be assertive.

The course examines the three dominant behavioural styles, Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive behaviour.  The learner will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in respect to their exposure to each different behavioural styles and their own behaviour style.

 Key topics: 

  • The three dominate behavioural styles.
  • How to encourage co-operation.
  • How to overcome passive aggressive behaviour.
  • How to recognize passive behaviour.
  • The difference between being inclusive and being passive.
  • The impact of aggressive behavior.
  • Tactics and techniques for dealing with aggression.
  • How to deal with demands.
  • How to give and receive criticism.
  • Practical tips for being more assertive.

There is an online assessment for this course which requires a 90% pass rate to obtain a certificate of achievement, which can be downloaded.

This course is certified by TQA Ltd.  TQA is an independent training quality assurance company that assesses the quality of content and its compliance to the standard that governs the topic.  TQA requires that ever learner completes an assessment to confirm that the learner’s knowledge of the subject meets the criteria for competence.


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