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Diploma in Management and Leadership

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Ideal for anyone who is already in a managerial role, but would like formal accreditation.

Students are required to complete 7 units, covering the principles of management and leadership, strategic business management and planning, strategic decision making, product / service portfolio management, customer service management, innovation and change management, and marketing management.

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Course Details

The course is aimed at those who are already in management roles who may wish to have an accredited qualification as it shows you have real leadership potential.  The course covers 7 modules and students work through at their own pace with dedicated tutor support

Students can start this course at any time throughout the year.

This is a Level 5 Qualification accredited by Pearson (Edexcel)

Course Content

The 7 units covered are:


Successful businesses need leaders to provide them with direction and purpose and managers to ensure that business activities allow the vision to be fulfilled and goals achieved. In this unit you will learn about the theories that have shaped the understanding of leadership and management and how these ideas have provided a guide to action for managers and leaders who secure success for their businesses.


Strategic plans shape the long term purpose and direction of businesses. These plans are agreed by the board in response to an evaluating of the internal and external business environment. The changing business environment often results in strategic plans then involves radical change as when a software house elects to develop electric vehicles. In this unit you will learn about the importance of strategic planning in businesses and how and why businesses develop their strategic plans. Strategies vary between businesses. Some opt for growth, others opt for market share and yet others opt for brand leadership.


Businesses have to adapt and change in response to internal and external factors if they are to survive. Strategic development necessitates strategic decision making to shape the future purpose and direction of businesses. In this unit you will learn about the role of information in strategic decision making. Markets are fluid and businesses need to understand the markets in which they operate in order to capitalise on any changes.


Businesses need to exploit their brands and to manage the risks of being too dependent on particular products or services. To this end they develop portfolios of products and services so that competitive advantage is sustained and developed. Portfolio management means that unprofitable or outmoded products and/or services are withdrawn but new ones are added. In this unit you will learn about the need for a product and/or service portfolio in an organisation.


Well managed innovation and change lead directly the improvement of a business’ competitive advantage. New products, services, materials, processes and markets all drive business efficiency and attract new customers so helping businesses meet their objectives. In this unit you will learn about the need for innovation and change in businesses. Many, such as aerospace and pharmaceutical firms actively seek to innovate by investing in research and development activity. Businesses want to offer more profitable products and services, customers want cheaper and better products and services and regulators impose legal requirements on markets.


Businesses need to establish positive relationships with their customers. Managing customer relationships involves finding the customers and keeping them by engaging with them in ways that both provide customer satisfaction and ensure profitable and continuing business opportunities. In this unit you will learn about the importance of customer relationship management. All business spend money, time and energy finding customers so it is important to get value from and offer value to customers by ensuring the relationship is an enduring and profitable one.


Marketing has a more prominent role in a company as organisations move more towards market-orientation. Today, organisations have become more aware of the changing needs of their customers and the increasingly competitive market place. To maintain or improve their market share an organisation will need good marketing knowledge and accurate decision making processes. In this unit, learners will gain an understanding of the marketing strategies that can help managers achieve marketing and organisational goals in a competitive marketplace that is focused on satisfying customer needs.

Student Support

Students have a dedicated tutor as they work through the course, providing advice and guidance, as well as prompt feedback.  Communication is usually via email, and telephone / Skype support is also available if required.  This allows each student to work through the course at their own pace.


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