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Creatively Cut Hair Using a Combination of Techniques - Hairdressing Level 3


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This module is about the use of advanced cutting skills to create a personalised and individual restyled look to enhance personal image.

This Level 3 course, from the Hairdressing  suite of online courses, is mapped to UK National Occupational Standards H/506/9783.

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The course is completed via a five-stage learning process:

Five stage learning process


i-Practice is a unique tool that simulates real world vocational activities in a virtual environment, bridging the gap between traditional textbook and workshop learning, enabling the development of practical skills.  It consists of two elements:

i-Practice (Training):  This guides you through a virtual activity with full instruction allowing you to acquire the necessary skills though the repetition of tasks.

i-Practice (Assessment):  This allows you to test your comprehension of the content.  You undertake the same activity as before but without instruction.  This enables you to apply what you have learnt, test your ability and set a benchmark to improve upon – ultimately working towards being job ready.


i-Ask provides core knowledge delivered through visuals, text and audio


iCheck reinforces your comprehension with informal testing and clear results – helping you identify strong and weak areas of understanding

i-Test This is formal testing which summarises your results

Course Objectives

On completion of this topic you will be able to:

  • Describe how to sterilise/disinfect and maintain cutting tools
  • State the importance of protecting clients from hair clippings
  • Identify the factors to consider prior to and during the cutting service
  • List the size of clipper blades, the attachments available, and the effect they will achieve
  • Recognise factors to consider when cutting wet and dry hair and how to apply the correct degree of tension
  • Recall why and how to use different cutting techniques
  • Outline the importance of considering weight distribution throughout the cut

Course Content

All Factors to Consider Prior and During Cutting

  • i-Ask: Types of Hair
  • i-Ask: Factors to Consider Prior and During Cutting
  • i-Ask: Preparation, Factors and Tools
  • i-Check: Infection Control, Clippers and Factors to Consider
  • i-Check: Factors to Consider

Effects Achieved Using Appropriate Tools and Equipment

  • i-Ask: Factors to Consider When Cutting Wet and Dry Hair
  • i-Ask: Applying the Correct Degree of Tension
  • i-Ask: Cutting Techniques
  • i-Check: Cutting Techniques
  • i-Check: Effects Achieved Using Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Preparation Involved When Creatively Cutting Hair Using a Combination of Techniques

  • i-Practice: Preparation Involved When Creatively Cutting Hair Using a Combination of Techniques

 Long Graduation

  • i-Practice: Long Graduation — Part 1
  • i-Practice: Long Graduation — Part 2

Short Graduation

  • i-Practice: Short Graduation — Up to the Horseshoe Line
  • i-Practice: Short Graduation — Sides
  • i-Practice: Short Graduation — Complete the Graduation Cut


  • i-Practice: Layers — Part 1
  • i-Practice: Layers — Part 2


  • i-Practice: Disconnection — Part 1
  • i-Practice: Disconnection — Part 2

Asymmetric Cut

  • i-Practice: Asymmetric Cut — Part 1
  • i-Practice: Asymmetric Cut — Part 2

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