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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training Course


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Hello and a warm welcome. This CBT therapy training course is brought to you by the online Training Academy of Renaissance Life Therapies.

Whether you are new to CBT therapy or have been practising it for some time, our online CBT training course is designed so that everyone can benefit, and make significant changes to their personal and professional life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is highly effective, addressing many issues and in a variety of settings. CBT therapy is particularly useful for help with depression, and is often featured in anger management courses.

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  • Help with depression
  • Those who wish to further their career in the field of CBT therapy, or any other coaching / therapy based fields
  • For people who are interested in self help and self development
  • For anyone who wants to train in becoming their own counsellor or CBT therapist

Learn CBT Therapy online in the comfort of your home

This online CBT course is entirely self paced. There is no specific time frame in which the course should be completed. In fact, we encourage you to take a break after certain lectures, to ensure that you have the space and time, to complete the exercises in full. Once purchased, this online CBT therapy training course comes with full lifetime access.


Section 1 – Introduction:

  • Meet your course instructor
  • Course outline
  • What you can expect from this course
  • Who is this course intended for?
  • Why you should take this course
  • Course objectives

Section 2 – Covering The Basics Of CBT

  • What is CBT?
  • Who uses CBT?
  • CBT for children
  • CBT in the workplace
  • CBT for relationship issues
  • The principles of CBT
  • From triangle to table

Section 3 – Anxiety

  • Anxiety lecture
  • Anxiety exercise
  • Anxiety conclusion
  • Anxiety coping cards

Section 4 – Let’s Do CBT

  • Negative cycles
  • Negative cycle of depression – Sarah
  • Negative cycle of anxiety – Katryna
  • Clarification of thoughts and feelings
  • Let’s do CBT exercise

Section 5 – Identifying Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

  • Metaphors – Metaphorical thinking
  • Metaphors – The kitchen cabinet
  • Be creative
  • Examples of creative diaries
  • Case study – Alexandra identifies anger
  • Case study – Terrance & OCD triggers
  • Practice

Section 6 – Understanding Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

  • Understanding thoughts, feelings & behaviours
  • Negative automatic thoughts
  • Negative automatic thoughts diary
  • Thinking traps & balanced alternatives
  • Case study – Geraldine
  • Case study – Robert

Section 7 – Making Changes

  • Challenging Our Thoughts
  • Making changes – Behaviours

Section 8 – It’s All About You

  • Practise! Practise! Practise!
  • Be prepared
  • What now?
  • It’s all about you
  • Colouring-in for adults

Section 9 – Conclusion

  • Learning conclusion

You will learn new life therapy skills and techniques, and receive acknowledgement of your achievement, by way of certificate. Our exclusive CBT therapy training course, will also award you with credits that go towards a higher qualification.
Training in CBT therapy will be life changing. You will learn how adaptive CBT is, and how you can apply it to many situations, and in many different settings.
You will have an understanding of the principles of CBT and their relevance to your life and others around you. You will learn to identify, and make changes to negative patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is incredibly effective, especially for those people wanting help with depression and anxiety disorders.
This course will equip you with everything you need, in order to become your very own counsellor and CBT therapist.


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