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Business Writing Basics


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This online business writing course will provide top tips to help you write clearly, professionally and accurately. If you want to excel at effective communication in the workplace and successfully manage your time, this is the course for you. This Business writing basics e-learning course takes you through four aspects of writing for business: Planning, sentences, paragraphs and tone.

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The writing nest online business writing basics course has four modules:


One of the first hurdles people face when writing at work is ‘where to start?’ Whether you’re planning a report, drafting an email or writing a business letter, many people can get stuck on the very first line. Not only will planning your document help you to get over this hurdle, it will also make sure you write clearly and concisely, and it will save you time.


Whatever you’re writing, using paragraphs helps you to organise your thoughts and your writing. And it helps your reader – it’s so much easier to read a document which has clear paragraphs.


Writing clear and concise sentences is the key to success when you’re writing at work. Whatever you’re drafting, your sentence structure, length and style will affect the overall quality and tone of the document you’re preparing. Most importantly, it will determine how well the reader understands your message and the impression they form of you and your work.


The tone of a piece of writing is the emphasis, mood or attitude that the writer conveys in their work. How does the reader feel when they read a particular piece of writing? Does the writer come across as polite? Confident? Hesitant? Abrupt? Many elements of writing can form the tone of the piece. It could be how you sign off a letter; the language that you chose; or the font of your typing. We raise some important issues in this module to get you thinking about how you are perceived as the author of business writing – and it’s all to do with your tone.

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