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Business Fraud Risk Management

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This online e-guide deals with Business Fraud Risk Management, which is emerging as a critical threat to most organisations. It is essential that you understand how you fit into the fight against business fraud.

The e-guide represents a stand-alone course that is aimed at everyone who needs to know a bit more about this topic. The introductory material will also be useful for business students and has one simple aim:

To help you understand your role in promoting effective fraud risk management within your organisation.

See below for further information.

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This e-guide represents a stand-alone course aimed at managers, supervisors, team leaders, and the entire workforce in all organisations from all sectors, globally.

There are shocking figures from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in their Report to the Nations 2016 which estimates that the typical organisation loses 5% of revenue in a given year as a result of fraud. The total loss caused by the cases in their study exceeded $6.3 billion. Business fraud is a growing risk and it is essential that everyone who works for, or is associated with an organisation, understands their role in helping to fight fraud, which is why this e-guide was prepared. There are many guides that deal with the topic of fraud and how best to deal with this worrying risk. This short e-guide refers mainly to two expert publications that have a global reach:

1. ‘Managing the Business Risk of Fraud’ sponsored by the Institute of Internal Auditors, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

2. ‘Report to the Nations,’ an annual report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

This e-guide will be useful for:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Support teams
  • All front line employees
  • Anyone who needs to know more about helping fight fraud at their workplace.

It applies to all business sectors; public, private and not-for-profit organisations – globally.

Course Details

This eGuide is split into two parts:

Part One

For those who want an introductory briefing this will take you swiftly through the specially prepared Template, after which you can simply stop.

Part Two

This provides a formal introduction to the topic based around each part of your Template. There are also a few ‘Read On If You Want More Details’ pages, which you can explore or just skim through. The Part Two Tutorial covers the following:

1. Understanding Fraud Risk.

2. Defining Roles.

3. Your PRS Context.

4. Fraud Risk Management.

5. Red Flags.

6. Fraud Response.

7. Conduct & Controls.

8. Your Dynamic Role.

It should take around an hour or so to complete the course depending on how many extra notes you wish to study. Some of the Key Features of the e-guide are:

  • Detailed Case studies and worked examples.
  • Many short exercises.
  • Specially designed models and checklists.
  • A range of further information pages that you may explore.
  • Several practical examples.
  • Notes on designing procedures.
  • Up-to-date guidance.
  • Introduces your Ten Risk Mitigation options.
  • Convenient and easy to access PDF format.

This e-guide has been prepared by an experienced training consultant, who has written several books on this, and related topics.


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