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A Useful Guide to Work Life Balance


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Is life so full you can feel overwhelmed by all the demands on your time and energy?  Do you feel weighed down by all that’s expected of you at work and at home, a feeling of being out of balance that’s accompanied by tension and stress?

A Useful Guide to Work Life Balance helps you to identify what’s out of balance for you (it’s not always what you think) and to make the changes necessary to live a less stressful life with much more energy and well-being.

By working through the powerful exercises you’ll learn to recognise the signs of being out of balance, gain awareness of what’s weighing too heavily on you, identify some of the obstacles you may be putting in the way of your own well-being and gain effective strategies for change.

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What the Useful Guide includes:

  • Tools to help you recognise the signs you’re out of balance and to identify what, specifically, is out of balance for you
  • Distinction between choices and chores: how your chore/choice balance can affect your well-being
  • Techniques for visualising where you want to be
  • Exploration of different ways of being out of balance from too much ‘doing’ to too little focus on yourself and your own needs
  • Analysis of ways we can sabotage our own balance and well-being from addiction to being online to a deep reluctance to say no
  • Invitation to experiment in making beneficial changes

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • have a balanced life
  • be aware of key ways you can be out of balance and the impact on your work and home life
  • recognise the signs of being out of balance
  • understand the chores/choices distinction and the importance of achieving a good chore/choice balance
  • develop strategies for improving chore/choice (and therefore work/life) balance
  • appreciate some of the ways we contribute to our imbalance – through our fears and addictions
  • develop strategies for overcoming/alleviating fears and addictions and for switching off in order to recuperate from times of stress
  • be able to experiment with new ways of organising work and non-work time and evaluate these experiments

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