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A Useful Guide to Process Mapping


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As managers we are required to make improvements all the time. It all starts with understanding your processes or getting clear about how the work gets done.

This is something you can’t delegate. It’s your job to understand the processes, although it isn’t your job to actually do the work itself. For example, if you run a call centre, you must know how the work is done: how calls are routed, how your people answer the telephone, the systems they use to service the customer, which other teams are involved later in the process, etc. However, your knowledge isn’t so that you can do the job when the phones are busy, it’s so that you can review the process and make it better (i.e. faster, cheaper and higher quality).

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This Useful Guide gives you a basic guidance to, and the principles of, process mapping, together with the key features of any process improvement exercise. It is based on classic process mapping and business improvement techniques where process maps are:

  • constructed
  • examined and
  • improved.

Process mapping enables us to clearly and simply record existing processes, examine them thoroughly and develop improvements by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary tasks
  • Clarifying roles within the process
  • Reducing delays and duplication
  • Increasing the amount of work undertaken.

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • Dan explanation of Process Mapping/Flowcharting
  • the case for using Process Maps
  • how to construct Process Maps
  • types of process map
  • basic flowcharting symbols
  • preparing for process mapping
  • gathering information
  • constructing a process flowchart
  • how to Process Improve
  • using Critical examination
  • identifying wasted work
  • Brown Paper Fairs
  • creating Efficient and Effective Process
  • Case Studies
  • exercises for personal practice to help to develop your process mapping skills.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • create basic process maps of your existing processes
  • identify how to improve your processes
  • involve other people in identifying where improvements can be made achieving buy in for your process improvement plans
  • improve how things get done in your part of your organisation.

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