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A Useful Guide to Personal Development


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Are you sometimes moody because you’re upset but don’t know how to get in a better frame of mind?  Have you struggled to get to sleep when your mind is racing?  Would you like to replace nervousness or anxiety with relaxed confidence?  Would you like to know more about how people ‘tick’?  Have you ever found yourself getting ‘hot under the collar’ in some situations or with certain people and wished you could remain cool, calm and collected?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions or just know that you still have untapped potential that you’d like to develop, A Useful Guide to Personal Development is for you!

In this Useful Guide you’ll learn some key techniques to managing your own thinking and behaviour – without all the jargon.

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What the Useful Guide includes:

  • a model that explains how communication works – and why it sometimes doesn’t!
  • taking conscious control of your thinking
  • how to change unhelpful and unconscious ‘programming’ that’s preventing you being your best
  • simple ways to change your thinking so you feel wonderful
  • audios and exercises that take you through the processes giving you practical experiences of the techniques
  • your mind and body as a system
  • how simple modifications to your language can change how you feel
  • how to silence your ‘Internal Terrorist’
  • what is meant by Positive Thinking
  • how to tell the type of thinking someone is engaged in
  • a powerful technique (with audio) to put you in a great state in minutes
  • ways to rid yourself of anger and the harmful effects that anger has on your body
  • 10 ways to stay calm
  • 9 traps that prevent you reaching your goals – and how you can avoid them
  • a resources section with more articles illustrating key points
  • links to audio files in which Stephanie further explains how you can help yourself.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • take control of your feelings and manage your thoughts
  • deal with the Internal Terrorist that nags you about your mistakes and keeps you awake at night
  • understand how miscommunication occurs and how to put things right
  • think positively and reap the reward in improved health
  • access good feelings to replace nervousness, anxiety or anger
  • set and achieve motivating and inspiring goals.

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