A Useful Guide to Networking


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Much is said and written about the benefits of networking but how do you get better at it?


This Useful Guide provides an insight into how the top networkers do it and is suitable for you if you would like some help in building up your network of contacts.


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What the Useful Guide includes:

  • what networking is and why it is important
  • the most effective approach to networking for you
  • the key attributes of a good networker
  • some insights into how top networkers do it based on interviews the authors had with them
  • a complete downloadable toolkit for you to use to assess where you are now and how you can work out a plan to build your network
  • access to an online networking quiz to establish how good you are and the steps you need to take to be even better.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • approach networking in a way that is suitable for your own personal style
  • understand the benefits of networking for both you and your contacts
  • focus on your current networking weak spots and address them effectively

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