A Useful Guide to Hypnosis


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This Useful Guide is the result of ten years training, coaching and mentoring rising executives and entrepreneurs and using hypnosis and ideas taken from hypnosis. A Useful Guide to Hypnosis explains how to use hypnosis in coaching, mentoring and a business context to help people move towards their ambitions and dreams.

It is suitable for you if you are interested in:

  • hypnosis and how it can help in your own development
  • getting the most from your career and life
  • amplifying the impact of your communications.

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What the Useful Guide includes:

  • how you can get most benefit from this Useful Guide
  • the basic concepts of hypnosis and answers to key questions
  • real life examples and case studies
  • the power of words
  • a simple and powerful structure for a session
  • top hypnotic principles
  • a session in detail
  • meditation and self-hypnosis
  • applications
  • taking hypnosis further
  • resource sections

It will soon be possible to purchase a DVD with this Useful Guide.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • use hypnosis and hypnotic ideas to improve your coaching, mentoring and business success
  • improve your presentation and influencing skills
  • induce mild confusion and hypnotic states and deliver useful embedded commands and process language
  • be more congruent as an individual
  • use mild hypnotic approaches in conjunction with timeline techniques to mental rehearsal and develop empowering futures
  • use self hypnosis and meditation techniques
  • apply your new skills.

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