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A Useful Guide to Diversity


Price is per download of this e-book. 20% VAT added in the UK.

Can you answer these questions? …

Clare has a disability but prefers not to disclose this to her employer because she is concerned about how her manager and colleagues might react. She feels that she can manage her condition herself and that others do not need to know.

  1. Does she have to declare her disability to her employer?
  2. Do you know enough about diversity to embrace or manage it properly?
  3. Are you able to determine if behaviour in your team is appropriate or not?
  4. Might you have any biases or prejudices that you are unaware of?

If you want to make sure you are embracing or managing diversity, or if you feel that diversity is not being embraced or managed properly in your team or organisation, this Useful Guide will help you to be clear about what’s OK and what’s not OK.

This Useful Guide is a downloadable ebook.

See below for further information.

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This Useful Guide incorporates key aspects of the Equality Act 2010. Readers should be mindful of the fact that this piece of legislation is still in its early stages and subject to further development

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • access to a downloadable toolkit which includes all the exercises in the Useful Guide so you can complete the exercises on your computer
  • a knowledge assessment questionnaire so you can test your knowledge before and after working through the Useful Guide
  • a questionnaire to help you assess how effectively you are embracing diversity at work
  • access to an online questionnaire to help you assess how well you are managing diversity in your team
  • a method to help you prevent and challenge unacceptable behaviour at work
  • a process to make you aware of any biases or prejudices which may be affecting how you embrace or manage diversity
  • links to key information on government websites relating to diversity and the law in case you find yourself needing further advice and support.

Price is per download of the e-book, excluding VAT.

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