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A Useful Guide to Being Influential


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In this Useful Guide you’ll find five simple techniques you can use immediately to get your message across in ways that will make people sit up and take notice.

This Useful Guide is a downloadable ebook.

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It’s extremely frustrating when people don’t listen to you (and a big problem when you’re in a management or leadership role!). While you’re trying to get a message across it seems as if their mind is somewhere else. Sometimes, it’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s painful and stressful and it’s great when you stop.

This Useful Guide is great if you would like to use ethical and authentic ways to get your point across so other people hear, see and feel it.

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • how to avoid people disconnecting and drifting off
  • tailoring your message to their thinking style so they understand what you want
  • the leadership skills used by charismatic leaders to positively influence others
  • creating cooperative relationships at home and at work
  • eliminate the frustration and time wasting that occurs when communication is misunderstood
  • how to identify a person’s values by the way they talk and behave, then use those values to inspire and motivate them
  • how to connect easily with people who have visual, auditory or kinaesthetic preferences or learning styles
  • learn about the hidden messages you send when you think you’re not ‘saying’ anything
  • how to make sure you present authentically and deliver effective presentations.

Each chapter contains a checklist so that you can begin integrating the lessons into your own communication style and experience the positive difference each one can make.

Price is per download of the e-book, excluding VAT.

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